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Vinyl Medics

Vinyl Medics


Vinyl Medics is a local family owned business started back in 2003. We offer reasonable on-site vinyl repairs for restaurants, marinas, medical offices, hospitals and anywhere else vinyl is found. When repairs are not practical or cost effective, we can recover the piece. Keep your business looking warm and appealing.


Anywhere there is vinyl, there is a potential for damage. Vinyl Medics Specializes in restaurants, medical offices, marinas, fleet vehicles and fitness centers.


Vinyl Medics recommends following these three cost effective steps:


1. Recondition     2. Repair     3. Recover


in order to keep your vinyl well maintained.


These steps, attract customers, which means higher revenue for your company.

Vinyl Medics would like to talk about helping with all your vinyl needs.



join many others who put their trust in vinyl medics' services!


We offer reasonable on-site vinyl restoration & repairs. From scuffs to tears, cracks to burns, and stains to wear, Vinyl Medics can make any vinyl, or leather surface look brand new again.


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